dear lovely,

I am your personal advocate to discover your delicious life. A life with an intentional rhythm that lends itself to more ease, more calm, cherishing the simple things and squeezing the juicy bits out of life. My desire is to help you relax into your stressors, uncover the roots of your emotional eating, reclaim your inner chef diva, love and adore your body (it’s possible, my dear!) and empower you in the direction of how you want to feel in your life.


What is it that you are looking for?

  • Lose weight?

  • Freedom with food and your body?

  • Untangle the emotional relationship you have with food?

  • Eliminate calorie counting and restrictive dieting?

  • Rediscover the gift of self care?

  • Learn to slow down to enjoy life more?

Collectively as a society of women, how can we do this when we:

  • Spend so many waking hours comparing ourselves to other women?

  • Count calories eaten, calories restricted and calories burned?

  • Exhaust energy feeling guilty over our last meal, obsess over the next meal or view food as stressor?

  • Feel your worth and happiness depend on whether or not you can fit into that pair of jeans in your closet?

  • Rush around, filling your schedule yet continually wish you could slow.down.

If you’ve arrived on this page, you are looking for something.

I welcome this kind of dialogue. When you are open to answering these questions, transformation follows. I am passionate about inspiring transformation in your life. The kind of transformation where after we work together you look back at our time together seeing how far you’ve come in your mind, body and spirit, it feels like one of the best investments you’ve given yourself.  You are happier. You breathe in life experience. You see life through a gracious lens. You are kinder to yourself, no matter the size, no matter the scale.

I believe that your life is a journey and invites you to be here everyday, bringing love and presence and grace to the world around you. It is about cultivating the art of compassion, gentleness, humor, awareness, freedom and forgiveness first with yourself and extending that same art of compassion, humor, forgiveness and gentleness to the world around you.

To having a nutritious delicious life...

xo Jill