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Cravings often feel frustrating and compulsive and out of control. Like you have no willpower and you and everyone you love is paying the price. Like so many women, you probably are desperately wanting it to be different for yourself but nothing seems to help and you have no idea how to get rid of these cravings and the control they have over you. You might even feel hopeless and ashamed.

What if I were to tell you that cravings have nothing to do with will power, restriction or needing more control? How does that feel in your body? Here's what I know: if you are open to learning about cravings in a whole new and you can imagine a new cravings story for yourself, would you want to know more? Because...

When you show up powerfully and apply the tools and strategies we teach you in these 28 days, you will never look at your cravings the same again.

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How would it feel to move from overwhelm, rush, stress, mindless eating and drinking, run-down-with-over-the-top-to-do lists and social events into more meaningful, connected, peaceful, gratitude-filled & nourishing time spent with loved ones this holiday season and beyond? Let us know you how.