It is estimated that two-thirds of Americans at any given time are on a diet and 98% of all the people who lose the weight on their diet will gain the weight back—and more—within two years. Would you invest in something with a 98% failure rate? And yet, we do, time and time again. Something in this approach is surely missing. 

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In our work together, you will learn how your emotional eating is not a problem to be fixed. It is not a willpower issue. It is not a matter of counting calories, fat grams, and practicing restriction. Let’s begin a new conversation.

If you are someone who wants to end the unrealistic cycle of guilt and deprivation around food; if you are someone who wants to feel confident in cooking and eating delicious foods that give you energy and vibrance; if you are someone who wants to understand how to truly nourish yourself—let’s get the conversation going.

You will open yourself to a whole new journey with food and self and body.  A journey that I am eager to share with you and give you the support you need to reach your goals and live a life of pleasure, freedom, ease and play!